Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A Wrestling Joke

A young wrestler says to his coach "Coach i wanna be World Champ"
The coach says " well you are as big and strong as all the previous Champs but you need to learn two things ; Speed and Agility and Agility and Speed"
The young wrestler says "teach me coach teach me"
For the next two years the wrestler is trained in Speed and Agility.
The wrestler is put into competion he clears the city matches, sweeps the state matches and easily wins the National title.
A year later they are at the World Chamionship and he is in the final match.The coach says "Here's your last opponent ,Ivan Struckamoff, he has a move called the Iron Pretzel if he gets you in it you will die,remember Speed and Agility"
Three seconds into the match Ivan has the young wrestler in the Iron pretzel , the coach walks away from the ring knowing his wrestler is dead,the crowd goes crazy the coach turns around expecting to see his defeated, dead pupil , instead he sees his young wrestler arms raised in victory over ivan's unconscious body.
The coach jumps into the ring and hugs his wrestler and asks "How did you do ,it how did you beat the pretzel?"
The young wrestler with tears running down his face says. "well he put me in the pretzel and he twisted me all over the place,and right in front my face was a pair of balls in a leotard,so with all my might i stretched my neck right out and i bit down as hard as I could and Coach you would not believe the Speed and Agility it gives you ,when you bite your own nuts that hard!"

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